2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

Get proper Windstorm Insurance ON TIME! Learn how to prepare for Hurricane Season in Miami Beach Florida with Alltrust Insurance Group.

2020 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th.

Hurricane Windstorm Insurance Miami

How can you prepare yourself for this "Really Bad Weather"?


Get proper WINDSTORM Insurance ON TIME! Yes, we are Insurance Agents and we are never tired to remind that when the hurricane is coming - all carriers STOP offering this coverage. For Florida residents it is not really an option to "get insurance right before it is needed".

  • Find out if you need to get FLOOD Insurance. Determine what Flood Zone you are in and contact us in advance, there is a 30 DAY WAIT after it is bought (exceptions apply).
  • Download and print Emergency Financial Preparedness Toolkits - they do come handy, trust us! Click here to download English and Spanish versions.
  • Know where the nearest shelter is by visiting Save this website to your bookmarks!
  • Your phone can help during Hurricane! But you need to stay connected: if you haven't purchased it already - buy a Portable Phone Power Bank! Here are Amazon's TOP 10


Having shared these preparation tips we hope this year's Hurricane Season passes without any disturbances!


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