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Alltrust visits the 46th Annual LAAIA Convention in South Florida

Alltrust visits South Florida’s largest insurance trade fair: the 46th Annual LAAIA Convention.

Globalization. Enhanced Knowledge. Shared Resources. What were once just buzz-words a few years ago are the reality of today’s marketplace:


Leo and Isaac with Brittany and Amanda from Olympus Insurance.


Leo and Isaac with Daniela from Universal Property & Casualty Insurance. 


Isaac, Sandra and Leo with Marianne from Atlantic Specialty Lines.


Isaac, Leo and Sandra with Minnie from People's Trust Insurance Company.


Leo in the booth of the Clutch Insurance (by Windhaven Insurance).


Isaac and Sandra going commercial with Infinity Auto Insurance.

We would like to thank everyone in LAAIA, who organized the trade show. It was a great day full of networking, valuable information, catching up with old friends, making new ones and having fun!   

Alltrust Team

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