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Save on Auto Insurance with Snapshot (Progressive) in South Florida

Save on Auto Insurance with Snapshot from Progressive in South Florida

Plug In. Drive Better. Save More. Snapshot, Only from Progressive Insurance

Snapshot is your chance to take control of what you pay for insurance. Drive less, in safer ways, and during safer times of day to maximize your results.

Typically, car insurance rates are based on the historical information about people like you. Snapshot personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving (called usage-based insurance). The better you drive, the more you can save.

1. What is Snapshot?

The Snapshot device records vehicle speed and time information, Vehicle Identification Number, G force (in some devices), as well as when the device is plugged into and unplugged from the vehicle. Devices transmit that data wirelessly to and from Progressive.

Other information, such as miles driven and rates of acceleration and braking, is derived from the speed and time information.

You’ll receive a Snapshot device in the mail about five to seven days after you sign up. Plug in the device and start driving with Snapshot as soon as you can. 

You’ll drive with Snapshot for a full policy period, which may be either 6 or 12 months.

2. How Snapshot affects your insurance rate?

If you enroll in Snapshot when you buy your policy, you'll save immediately with a Participation Discount. If you continue to participate in the program, the discount will remain on your policy until your first policy renewal.

Your Snapshot driving results are set at the end of your driving period. These results correspond to a discount or increase that falls somewhere within a maximum 20 percent discount for safer driving habits, to a maximum 10 percent increase for riskier habits. 

3. What Progressive uses to calculate your Snapshot result?

  • Hard braking — Hard brakes are decreases in speed of seven mph per second or greater. Your Snapshot device will “beep” when you brake hard. Minimize hard braking to work toward a discount.
  • Amount of time driven — The number of minutes that your engine is running during a trip. To earn a discount, try to minimize your time behind the wheel by combining trips, carpooling or using public transportation.
  • Time and day — The number of minutes you spend driving during higher risk hours—the highest risk are between midnight and 4 a.m. on the weekends.
  • Fast starts — Fast starts are increases in speed of nine mph per second or greater. Also known as “jackrabbit starts” or just “putting the pedal to the metal.” Use a lighter foot on the gas pedal to work toward a discount.
  • Trip regularity — The frequency with which you drive at the same time of day and same duration.

4. Snapshot Results

You’ll get an email when Progressive has enough information to calculate your Snapshot results. That email will also let you know that you can unplug and return the device.

You’ll see the Snapshot results applied when you renew your policy at the end of your driving period. This will replace any Participation Discount or initial results from a vehicle that participated in a Snapshot test drive.

Now watch Snapshot on action:



  Contact us to see how Snapshot will work for you! 

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