Windstorm Insurance covers the damage from hurricanes, tropical storms, hail and any categorized windstorm.

Windstorm Insurance policies are available in certain areas of the state of Florida, typically East of I-95 or US1, known as the wind pool.  Windstorm insurance carriers must verify that all eligibility requirements are met to purchase Windstorm insurance.

Windstorm Insurance can be purchased for primary and rental dwellings, mobile homes, condos, commercial residential properties and commercial non-residential properties.

Useful Information:

  • Unlike Homeowners insurance, Windstorm does not have a flat deductible, but has a deductible that is a percentage or your coverage.  Typically 2% or 5% of your coverage.
  • Windstorm Dwelling coverage pays for damage to your house or any unattached structures.
  • Windstorm Personal Property coverage protects your contents, including furniture, appliances, or general personal belongings.
  • Obtaining discounts such as opening protection (storm shutters or impact resistant windows), roof clips or wraps, and having a newer roof which complies with latest Florida Building Code (FBC Equivalent).  These discounts have to be verified with a wind mitigation inspection.

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