Today’s Evolving Homeowners Market

The homeowners insurance line, not often thought of as a bastion of change, is actually quietly evolving beyond the traditional “one-size-fits-all” business. Some of the puzzle pieces that make up homeowners insurance are changing shape and new pieces that address new risks are being inserted (Insurance Journal)

The reshaping of the homeowners market is ongoing and not all the new shapes are firmly cast.

Even as they continue to review how standard policies deal with risks like trampolines, pools and dog bites, insurers are regularly adding coverages for things like identity theft, appliances and water backup.

At the same time, they are anticipating how to handle newer risks such as personal drones and on-demand home rentals.

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Question: "What is an HO6 Insurance Policy and when do I need it?"

Asked by: Rodrigo E.

Thank you for your question Rodrigo! Vadim answers it here:


If you have just purchased a beautiful Condo Unit and are shopping for the right insurance plan, you may find the options overwhelming.

Even the "experienced" Condo Owners can be confused by the industry terms, exclusions, deductibles and significant difference in premiums offered for what looks like the same package.

This article answers four main questions on Condo Insurance:

  1. What does Condo Insurance cover?

  2. What does Condo Insurance protect against?

  3. When is Condo Insurance Required?

  4. What are the Coverage Options for the Condo Tenant?

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