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Is flood insurance required in Florida?
Can I buy flood insurance even if I'm not in a high-risk flood zone?
Can I purchase flood insurance at any time?

Your Flood Agent

Leonardo Cicarelli

President & Founder

Leo is an entrepreneur and an insurance professional with over 25 years of experience. He founded Alltrust Insurance Group in 2000, continues to push Alltrust forward with his client-centric and solutions-focused attitude. Leo actively services clients in additional to leading the team. Leo speaks English and Spanish.

Vadim Mukhin

Vice President Since 2005

As Alltrust Insurance Group’s Vice President, Vadim’s creates a seamless, personable experience for all clients who rely on Alltrust for all of their insurance needs. Vadim rolls up his sleeves to get the job done and to create a satisfactory experience for clients. Vadim speaks English and Russian.

Alevtina Vasilenko

Property & Casualty / Life & Health (Specialty in Homeowners, Commercial, & Health) Since 2015

Alevtina’s technical knowledge and creativity guides her to the right solutions for her clients. She specializes in Homeowners, Commercial, Life and Health insurance, allowing her to cater to her specific insurance needs and to serve as a sctrong resource. She is multi-lingual, and speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.

Jorge Medina

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Homeowners, Condo, & Auto) Since 2000

With 20+ years of experience in Homeowners, Condominium and Auto insurance, Jorge proficiently navigates the dynamic insurance marketplace for clients with varying profiles and insurance needs. Jorge can speak English and Spanish.

Olga Kim

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Auto, Condo, & Homeowners) Since 2020

Olga is an Auto, Condominium and Homeowners insurance specialist who speaks English and Russian. She communicates with her clients through every step of the process and her clients always comforted by her personable nature. Olga speaks both English and Russian.

Kate Mikhalevich

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Auto, Condo, & Homeowners) Since 2020

The insurance market is constantly changing, and Kate brings her ingenuity and stellar communication skills to the table. Her specialties include Auto, Condominium and Homeowner’s insurance, and she speaks English and Russian.

Sandra Alonso

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Auto, Homeowners, & Condo) Since 2005

Sandra is equipped with 18+ years of experience in Auto, Homeowners and Condominium insurance. She’s easily accessible and responsive to her clients – making her a reliable and knowledgeable resource. She speaks English and Spanish.

Vlad Novichenko

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Auto, Condo, & Homeowners) Since 2010

When the questions and problems require a nonstandard approach, Vlad delves into his creativity to find the appropriate answers and solutions. Vlad’s clients can count on him to provide resourceful and current information to his clients about their insurance profile and their Auto, Condominium and Homeowners insurance. Vlad is bilingual and speaks English and Russian.

Yoandra Lissa

Personal Lines Agent (Specialty in Homeowners, Condo, & Auto) Since 2021

Yoandra strives to provide strong service and solutions to her clients. She specializes in Homeowners, Condominium and Auto insurance, and speaks English and Spanish. Yoandra communicates clearly, and her clients often describe her as being personable.

Dylan Cicarelli

Licenced Agent. Since 2023

Dylan is an energized self-starter who finds comprehensive and competitive solutions for his clients. Dylan primarily works on Homeowners, Condo, and Auto insurance. He speaks English.

Yuliia Danylishyna

Home & Auto agent

Yuliia’s bright and congenial personality, in addition to her professionalism and attention to detail, aid her in delivering excellent service to her clients. She speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Her coverage specializations are Home and Auto.

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